Regional development is negotiation, reconciliation and choice

The four pillars of the development in Central Finland are:  

Successful entrepreneurship

We want to create for businesses the preconditions needed for success and growth in the region. We support businesses in their internationalization process and networking to enable even small enterprises to acquire partners around the world.


Success through expertise

Industry and businesses need educated labor, just as public administration and services do. One of our more important duties is to predict the needs for training and changes in the working world, i.e. in what fields and how many experts will be needed in the future? Furthermore, the quality of training and sufficient resources must be secured.


Well-being of citizens

Work and income are the foundation of well-being. In addition, a pleasant environment, functioning services, a sense of community and culture are also needed.


An appealing environment

Diversity of nature, pure water, vital cultural environments and a lively cultural life create appeal. Renewable sources of energy and uniform regional and urban structures, as well as smoothrunning traffic connections, aid in controlling climate change.

The Implementation Plan
is drawn up for the Regional Strategic Programme every year. It is the budget proposal for Central Finland, which contains the development measures for the near future and the funding they may require. The budget proposal is revised and refined through extensive regional collaboration. Once the Regional Assembly approves the proposal, all that are left of the "barrel of wishes" are the projects most worthy of development and necessary for the region.

The Regional Management Committee, which comprises the Regional Council of Central Finland, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and the labor and trade organizations, allocates the funding of development activities. The chairman of the committee, Mr Kauko Lehtonen, represents the Regional Council of Central Finland.