Strategic Planning and Development  


The Regional Council approved the Regional Development Plan 2030 in the spring 2010. The vision of Central Finland was revised and the strategies for achieving that vision were developed.

The vision is Central Finland: a region of collaboration, entrepreneurship and expertise.

The Regional Strategic Programme is a conglomerate of the objectives of various development programs, which combines those objectives and contains the scheduling of the procedures of development for four years.

The Regional Strategic Programme 2011-2014 is referred to as the growth plan of Central Finland. It follows the four development themes of the Regional Development Plan: successful entrepreneurship, success through expertise, well-being of citizens and an appealing environment.

The Implementation Plan of the Regional Strategic Programme
, ie. the Regional Budget, contains the areas and means of development in Central Finland that require direct funding. The two-year plan lays down the ways in which national and EU funding is to be allocated.

The Regional Land Use Plan
is a general plan of land use in the region and of the urban structure. The Regional Land Use Plan ratified in 2009 is legally valid in Central Finland. It is supplemented by phased Regional Land Use Plans intended for one or more themes.