Supervision of interests is collaboration


The Regional Council of Central Finland supervises the interests of the region and its member municipalities. Changes in the regional policy on the national level, in legislation and administration call for vigilance; likewise, the solutions pertaining to the economy in municipalities and government investments.

Networks become closer and supervisors of interests toughen up, especially around the time funding and program periods change, when budget negotiations take place and during election time. They engage in negotiations, compile statements, state their contentions and make proposals. The region's expertise is presented to the committees run by the ministries.

Supervision of interests requires functioning collaboration with the municipalities and businesses in Central Finland, as well as positive relationships with the government, Parliament, national organizations and communities.

Meetings for mayors and members of Parliament, organized by the Regional Council of Central Finland, are forums of collaboration for the supervision of interests, and they take place on a regular basis. Chairpersons in the Regional Boards and Executive Directors with their associated networks, have a significant impact in various issues as regards to the regions.