Central Finland - Region of Growth

The Regional Council of Central Finland is a creator, strategic planner and developer of common interests, as well as an active supervisor of interests.

The central purpose of the Regional Council of Central Finland is to develop the region in an ever-changing environment. The goal of our work is to keep residents living in Central Finland healthy: to provide work and income, services, a pleasant environment and functioning traffic connections.

The statutory duties of the Regional Council of Central Finland include the compilation of the Regional Development Plan and the development programs therein, as well as the Regional Land Use Plan. We possess a wide range of expertise and steadfast experience in these issues and the other issues for which we are responsible. We know our own region very well.

The Regional Council of Central Finland is a builder of collaboration and initiator. Our region possesses a concordant spirit. Interaction between municipalities, development and educational organizations and between our own members of Parliament flourishes. We collaborate with other regions and actively work in national and international networks.

The annual budget of the Regional Council of Central Finland is approximately three million euros, which consists of the membership fees of the municipalities. We channel funding to the development of the region from EU programs and national development funds together with the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. We strive to include investments important for the region in the government's budget. Each year the objectives are compiled in the Implementation Plan of the Regional Strategic Programme and in the list of top projects.

Brochure: Central Finland -region of growth


The Regional Assembly
is the highest decision-making body and it has 80 members. The member municipalities choose their representatives according to their political power relationships in each local election.

The Chairperson of the Regional Assembly is Mr Mauri Pekkarinen.

The Regional Board
of thirteen members is responsible for effectuating activities and administration. The members are chosen by the assembly every two years.

The Chairperson of the Regional Board is Mr Rolf Nyholm.

The office of the Regional Council of Central Finland is managed by the Executive Director Mr. Tapani Mattila.